It’s all in the Undergarments, Ladies!

It’s all in the Undergarments, Ladies!

This is a very large topic, and I am only touching on the broad brushstrokes.

Women have a perceived history of restrictive clothing. Undergarments have at times prevented movement, and even normal bone growth. Our body shapes were made to conform to the garments, rather than the other way around.

Put most simply, this is where we shine today. Our wardrobes are now designed to assist women in full life participation…in every industry, every sport, and at all levels. We have executive suits in both pant and skirt, athletic shoes for running marathons, lightweight gear for scaling cliffs.

Underneath it all we have bras, tanks and camisoles, replacing our history of girdles, corsets, underwires and whale bones.

We actively enjoy, create, and engage in the world around us.

One fundamental act for me replaces hours my female forebears spent lacing, powdering, girding up. I choose a tank top and a pair of underwear. Afterward, I get dressed pretty quickly for whatever the day holds, and I’m off.

Not to pose demurely, but to live my life.

Sounds like no big deal. It probably never should’ve been. But it was, and so it is.

Same with the tank top. Although, I’d argue tank tops for women hold intrinsic value. Our lives? They’re only what we make of them.

Mine just feels better with something soft and cozy on first.

Especially if I know it’s made right here in the USA, from American fibers, supporting our own farmers and manufacturers. All without harmful chemicals resting atop my skin.

Again - seems simple, just a cotton tank, but it’s not.

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Congratulations cuz ❤️I’m all about a tank top after hitting menopause 😂 your product sounds wonderful 🤗

Maureen Kuhl

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