I’m Shevon…the “She” behind She Threds.


Favorite Shirt

I LOVE tanks.

They are my favorite shirt, and fill my drawers.

Tanks are what I wear every day closest to my skin, because it feels good.

After breast cancer treatment, I wanted an undershirt made of 100% cotton, unbleached - the less chemicals, the better.

Searching for the perfect American cotton tank, I discovered it did not exist.

And decided to make it myself.


My focus is on 100% American-made. I just think it makes sense to support the hard work and talents of our own farmers and craftspeople

Every part of She Threds - the cotton, yarn, fabric, and thread - is made right here in the USA. Even our packaging and marketing materials are American-made.

All carefully curated just for you.


She Threds is about YOU…reaching for your new favorite shirt, feeling the softness of natural American cotton…I hope it makes you smile. That's the whole point.

It's about sharing something I really love, with you.


Where do your She Threds go? Climbing mountains, planting gardens, slinging hay? Show us @shethreds.

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