Rainy Day Fun

Rainy Day Fun

Ladies, you’ve been asking for product photos, and we heard you.

Modeling is NOT my forte, plus it’s not that fun when I’m the only one.

So, I asked my newly adopted sisters, Amanda and Candace, if they would come to help. Both jumped right in: “Heck yeah!”

Along with local photographer extraordinaire, Leslie, we set a date. Our plan was to do outside shots, make use of all that great natural light.

However, rain and more rain kept getting in our way. I was on the verge of calling the whole thing off until Spring, but y'all really needed those photos. How about turning my back porch into a photo studio? Sisters said - “We can make it work!!!”

And so we did…

tank top ladies photo shoot

Candace Dorsey is an Author, Nutrition Therapy Practitioner, and Personal Trainer. She’s also an avid hiker, adventure traveler, and volunteer firefighter. What doesn’t she do?! You can check out Candace’s work at From the Roots.

Amanda Brown shares her abundant spirit as Worship Pastor at Impact Church in Hartwell. She recently began also sharing her passion…for sourdough! We can’t get enough of Amanda’s delicious breads and cheddar jalapeño bagels from AB's Sourdough.

Leslie Corbett is a favorite within our local business community. We discovered her talent for fashion photography at BW Threads. Expect to see much more from Leslie at She Threds! Might also catch her and hubby prancing about with adorable goldendoodle, Dansby.
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Love love love x100!!

Audrey Graber

Thank you!!! Finally! You all are
so so fabulous 💚 The tanks look dreamy, and you three (and Leslie) make such a talented, inside out beautiful team!

Nancy Daly

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